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Wines & Oils

I grew up in Calabria and I carry in my heart the love of my region and its wonderful products. That's why I wanted for my guests to find the magnificent Ferrocinto wines in their suite, one of the oldest and most famous wineries of Castrovillari, a city of Roman origin, its name, Castrum Villarum, the Fortress of the Villas.

The Ferrocinto vineyards date back to 1855 and grow in the Basin of the King, 450 meters high, at the foot of the Massiccio of Pollino, one of the most extraordinary landscapes of Italy. From this wonderful Producer great red wines are born, such as the "Magliocco," made from the typical grapes of the Cosenza, lands or the white wines such as "Timpa del Principe", also the precious sparkling such as the "Dovì", born from the Chardonnay vineyard, the highest of all the Wineyards.

Ferrocinto also means extra virgin olive oil, an unmistakable flavor. May I suggest the Italian classical cocktail, the most "homemade", drink? Just a glass of wine, a slice of bread, a little oil, with just a touch of color, a tomato and a basil leaf. You are at home, you're in the warmth of Southern Italy. And I'm sure, you're happy.

Natalino Gisonna