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Vatican City

Visiting saint Peter's in the Vatican State

Every day, around 30.000 people visit the Saint Peter's Basilica. It's the most important and largest catholic church in the world, the one where the pope celebrates, and has a unique artistic, religious and historical importance. Requested by Giulio II, the building of the church started on the 18th of April 1506 and ended in 1667, in the same place where an ancent church used to be, and where traditionally Saint Peter, founded of the Catholic Church, had been buried.

Inside Saint Peter's in Rome you can visit the "Sacred grottos", where all Popes are buried, the Historical and artistic museum and the very popular Saint Peter's cupola, which you can reach also by lift.

The Saint Peter's Grave and the Necropoli (ancient cemetery) are underneath Sain't Peter's Basilica and it's necessary to send a request in advance to the Fabbrica di San Pietro in order to see it.

Vatican museum

In the Vatican museum you will see artistic jewels of immense value. The most important one is definitely the Sistine Chapel, but also the Egyptian museum, the Etrurian Museum, the Pinacoteque with works by Giotto and Bondone and the so-told Raffaello rooms, where you will admire the paintings Athen's school and SS. Sacramento.

To visit the Vatican's museum you can book online on the official Vatican's page.

Vatican's Gardens

The Vatican's Gardens were created as a rest and meditation place for the Pope, and have elements of great artistic and institutional importance for the Vatican State. In order to visit the Gardens, it's necessary to book.

The Vatican's Library

Only Phd researchers can access the Vatican's Library, which hosts some of the world's most important antique books and rarities collections.

For more info on times, Tickets and visits see the Vatican's website.