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Luxury Guest House Rome

Corso 281 is a luxury guesthouse in Rome with a distinctive character and uniqueness reflected in all its 12 suites. A mix of luxury and intimacy, this boutique hotel will be the perfect luxury accommodation in Rome for you and your family.

Corso 281 is situated on via del Corso, avenue known in the past for hosting the popular Arabian horse race, and nowadays one of the busiest shopping promenades in Rome connecting Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo.

Our 12 sophisticated and stylish suites were designed to give all our guests that typical feeling of grandeur that can only be experienced in Rome; that’s why all our environments decorations and pieces of art have been carefully selected to revive and indulge in that feeling.

The range of rooms of our luxury guest house in Rome, from deluxe to luxury are all equipped with the latest technology and high speed internet connection, and for special requests you will have a multilingual staff available 24 hours per day ready to ensure a quality personalised service both in our premises and on during your sightseeing.

Corso 281 luxury guest house Rome is just few clicks away: check out our offers, and lose yourself in one of most wonderful cities in Italy.