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Best boutique hotels in Rome

If you want to enjoy the ultimate hospitality experience in the Eternal City book your stay at Corso 281, one of the most exquisite luxury boutique hotels in Rome. The excellent location on Via del Corso makes our boutique hotel very convenient for a thorough sightseeing of the city as all the major attractions such as Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon, etc. are all within walking distance.

One of the most impressive symbols of ancient Rome is certainly the majestic Coliseum, the concrete and stone amphitheatre ever built completed in 80 AD mostly used for mock sea battles and gladiatorial contests that inspired many movie directors from all over the world. Another important landmark easily reached from Corso 281, one of the best boutique hotels in Rome, is the magnificent Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi, the fountain in Rococo style is supplied by one of the most ancient aqueducts in Rome, and it shows Oceanus on a shell chariot taming the waters. The fountain is even more impressive considering the relatively small space surrounding it. Before continuing your visit don’t forget to throw a coin to ensure to come back to Rome soon.

These and more monuments are expecting you in the italian Capital. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at Corso 281, one of the best boutique hotels in Rome. Visit our website, select one of our offers and enjoy the timeless beauty of Rome!