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Trevi Fountain

In Italian  "Tre vie" means three roads, so the name of the fountain comes from the three roads that come together at the busy Piazza di Trevi.
The fountain has recently been restored to its former grandeur.
The Trevi Fountain celebrated the reopening of several of ancient Rome's aqueducts in the Renaissance and Baroque eras.
The central figures are Neptune flanked by two Tritons. One struggles to master a very unruly sea horse, the other leads a far more docile animal. These symbolize the two contrasting moods of the sea.
One of the most celebrated scenes in Italian cinematic history must be the moonlight dip taken by the enchanting Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini's 1960 film "La Dolce Vita".
Romantics toss a coin over their shoulder, thinking it will grant them a wish and assure their return to Rome. Every week thousands of euros are collected from the fountain and given to the charity Caritas who use it to buy food and clothes for people in need.