When I enter a suite I would like to feel the style of the city I am travelling. I would like to contemplate its style, its materials, and perceive its energy. I would like to feel that, that environment can only exist in that part of the world, and nowhere else. The twelve suites of Corso 281, designed by the Architect Chiara Caberlon, have this quality, an original portrait of contemporary and ancient Rome.

Firstly Rome and its ancient grandeur, breathing in the environment in each suite, the bed is monumental the bathroom a tribute to the tradition of a spa, a place to live. Yet, Rome destination of the Grand Tour, where the trunks magically become the wardrobes and the hatboxes the bedside cabinets...... And then Rome in its baroque season, with the splendor of its shades of black and beige velvet, in contrast with the freshness of its linens. Finally, the Rome of today, from the essential design to the futuristic technology.

And here is 'your suite’, Rome is already yours.

Natalino Gisonna

Deluxe Room (Room Size: 323 feet)

Room Size: 323 feet
Bed type: 1 king size bed 2x2m and 34cm high & 1 pull-out bed

I wanted each suite of Corso 281 to be a mansion to itself, large, comfortable and bright. The Splendid Deluxe Room is unique in itself, relaxing and equipped with every comfort. The floor is made of wood going back to its roots and allows you to experience the warmth of this ancient palace. The bed is very large, almost a room in itself, and the materials which adorn it, are of only the finest linens and velvets.

For the bathroom, I chose white marble and gray marble, to render rhythm to their striking differences in the sumptuousness of the space and privacy of every moment, from the spectacular shower, to the wash hand basin to the more private areas.

I have this image in my mind... your happy awakening, wrapping yourself randomly in a large soft bathrobe, enjoying a glimmer on the magnificent terrace which ofers a prime view over the Via del Corso, with your breakfast already set up in your room.
And your holiday is already quite a masterpiece.

Natalino Gisonna

Executive Suite (Room Size: 377 feet)

Room Size: 377 feet
Bed type: 1 king size bed 2x2m and 34cm high; 1 daybed with twin pull out beds 80x180

I thought of a wonderful environment creating complete nimbleness similar to that of a ballet. Little separé like mere musical note accents, and the Executive Suite becomes a huge bedroom, a pleasant living room, with a bathroom that pays homage to the tradition of the ancient Roman baths.

The colors converse with one another softly, the warm wooden floors, the white marble bathroom, black waterfall marble shower. I love Rome and its warmth, and I wanted its ancient light to communicate with modern design and the latest technology.

Each hour of every day offers a rendevous. And I would love my guests to experience theirs’ every evening in their suite or perhaps on the terrace of the first floor for a glass of champagne or a wonderful Italian wine, to imagine the beauty of each new day at breakfast, or in their room, when all of Rome awaits them.

Natalino Gisonna

Luxury Suite (Room Size: 484 feet)

Room Size: 484 feet
Bed type: 1 king size bed 2x2m and 34cm high; 1 daybed with twin pull out beds 80x180

When I saw the splendid palace at Via del Corso 281, I imagined its Aristocratic splendour, parties, dinners in the large reception rooms, the intimacy of its sumptuous bedroom. And I've felt that this "extent of greatness" was the style I was looking for. The most exclusive areas of my hotel are the Luxury Suites. In these ambiences everything oozes freedom and elegance. From the large living room to the bedroom, where the splendor of the bed shines and unites its spaces in the warmth of the wooden floor.

The more contemporary design is in harmony with the preciousness of its ancient fabrics, rendering the essence of the striking wardrobe to reveals its surprise internally. A step further and the bathroom appears, voluptuous and minimal, in white and grey marble. In the Luxury Suite on the first floor I wanted to have two bathrooms, one with a waterfall shower and the other with a bath. The Luxury Suite on the third floor has a rather spectacular large marble bath for two people.

I would also like to tell you about the beautiful furnished balconies with romantic views over the rooftops of Rome, they are each another room, which await you for breakfast, for afternoon tea, for cocktails & for a nightcap before retiring for the night, excluding obviously the suite on the first floor. I must confess, there is no greater satisfaction for me than designing your happiness.

Natalino Gisonna

Hi tech

I wanted to ensure that each suite was installed with the latest technology. My guests can rely on free wi-fi in every room and high speed internet. I also prepared an air-print printer device compatible for iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Fax service, photo-copying or laptop rental is available by contacting our concierge.

Natalino Gisonna

Wines & Oils

I grew up in Calabria and I carry in my heart the love of my region and its wonderful products. That's why I wanted for my guests to find the magnificent Ferrocinto wines in their suite, one of the oldest and most famous wineries of Castrovillari, a city of Roman origin, its name, Castrum Villarum, the Fortress of the Villas.

The Ferrocinto vineyards date back to 1855 and grow in the Basin of the King, 450 meters high, at the foot of the Massiccio of Pollino, one of the most extraordinary landscapes of Italy. From this wonderful Producer great red wines are born, such as the "Magliocco," made from the typical grapes of the Cosenza, lands or the white wines such as "Timpa del Principe", also the precious sparkling such as the "Dovì", born from the Chardonnay vineyard, the highest of all the Wineyards.

Ferrocinto also means extra virgin olive oil, an unmistakable flavor. May I suggest the Italian classical cocktail, the most "homemade", drink? Just a glass of wine, a slice of bread, a little oil, with just a touch of color, a tomato and a basil leaf. You are at home, you're in the warmth of Southern Italy. And I'm sure, you're happy.

Natalino Gisonna


To unwind after your journey and to fully enjoy the beauty of Rome, I suggest you take advantage of the in-suites massage service. Some of Rome's most talented professionals are at your disposal for a Jet-Leg, Relaxation, Deep Muscle or Shiatsu massage.